Monthly Archives: April 2017

Kennedy High School Alumni Reflect on Alma Mater Closing Down

When you’re a high school student, you probably don’t ever think about the day that the school you’ll graduate from may close down.  You probably don’t even think about it after you graduate.  However, this is now the new reality for everyone that has graduated from John F. Kennedy High School […]

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25 Seasons of Red Wing Playoffs Part 2

Welcome to part two of my series looking at each season of the Red Wings historic playoff streak which recently came to an end.  For part one on the 1990-91 season, you can click here. By this point in time, I still was more interested other things than hockey, so […]

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Wednesday Scoreboard

Welcome to the Wednesday Scoreboard.  There was extensive action on both the baseball and softball fields, so let’s get to those scores. Division I Baseball Oakland (3-23) 7 Central Michigan (14-14) 9   Division II Baseball Wayne State (14-9) 8 Ohio Domincan (13-8) 6             […]

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25 Seasons of Red Wing Playoffs Part One

Welcome to part one of my special series, 25 Seasons of Red Wing Playoffs.  For anyone who is a hockey fan, and especially for those who are Red Wings fans, you know by now that the Red Wings 25-season playoff streak, the longest in any of the four major pro […]

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Sunday Scoreboard

Here is the first edition of Scoreboard, which will display the scores of all the baseball and softball games featuring college teams from Metro Detroit. Division I Baseball Oakland 0 Wright State 7   Eastern Michigan 4 Butler 0   Eastern Michigan 5 Chicago State 2 Division II Baseball Wayne […]

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