October 21, 2017

Kennedy Eagles Play Final Football Game, End An Era

Trenton, Michigan- Friday, October 20th marked an end to an era; as the Kennedy Eagles played their final high school football game in school history in a 55-6 loss to Trenton.  The loss marked the end of an 0-9 season, which saw a young, inexperienced Eagles team battle valiantly in the Downriver League.  For that, Eagles head coach Steve Rusnak considers this one of his favorite teams of all the ones he’s coached.

“It was a pretty bad situation coming in as far as morale, (and) the team spirit because of the last two years,” Rusnak said.  “Moving forward from where we started to where we’re at right now, I’m overall pleased.  Great group of guys.  Love them dearly.”

Kennedy head coach Steve Rusnak (Top Left) shares a moment with his team after their final football game in school history.

Over nine weeks of covering the Kennedy football, you get to learn about some of the players and their stories.  Junior wide receiver Savion Gray was one the top receiving options for the Eagles this season.  According to Rusnak, Gray, who also plays basketball for the Eagles, may now consider playing football at the college level after having a chance to showcase his skills.  Sophomore Hunter Meade was the other major receiving option, playing his second year of varsity football.  That would had been unheard of for a sophomore when I attended Kennedy.  He enter next year at the unified high school with valuable experience.

Then there’s junior Tony Mohlman.  Though he’s no longer on the team after moving to Newport, this young man, baring a striking resemblance to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, started the season as the quarterback, despite being trained as a running back.  Then after Mohlman’s departure, senior Faizon Nundley returned from injury and started at QB.  He was the first player to come up after the game as he repeatedly told his teammates how much he loved them.

Kennedy senior Faizon Nundley (2) prepares to address his teammates after his final high school football game.

Then there’s senior linebacker Conner Zschunke, who many of you were able to learn about earlier this month, with his battle from his deathbed to becoming Homecoming King.  He wears a different number now, switching from 55 back to 23, but he still exhibits that same fire which he showed after the game.  You can view the in the video right below.

As one era ends, another one begins.  As seen last week, the Kennedy players and coaches anticipate coming together with their counterparts from Truman, which Rusnak believes will level the playing field for them against other Downriver League teams which are used to being the only school in their city.

“When they have full community support and it’s not divided, I think it’s going to say a lot about the future coming up,” Rusnak said.  “Anytime you get a lot of support in anything, the players seem to do better.  They feel like they belong.”

Edsel Ford will become the 10th school in the Downriver League next year, filling the spot opened by Kennedy’s closing.  Regardless of what the name, colors, or mascot of the unified school will be next year, you can count on Sports Source Media covering that historic, inaugural football season.  In the meantime, Sports Source Media will also provide coverage of the finals Kennedy seasons for boys basketball, girls basketball, baseball and softball.  You heard it from me, Seth Walker.

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