You Heard It From Me

You Heard It From Me: Becoming The Voice Of Kennedy High School

What does being a Kennedy Eagle mean?  That’s a question that for a long time, I didn’t answer.  That’s because my journey to the point I’m at now, providing you all coverage of our alma mater, Kennedy High School, has been a unique, if not unlikely one.  It’s become one […]

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You Heard It From Me: Megatron vs Tatar, Double Standard?

Is there a double standard here?  That’s the question that’s being asked here.  Here in Metro Detroit, there are two athletes who each have played for Detroit teams, who have recently been in the news.  They play different sports.  They each have publically expressed dissatisfaction with the teams they’ve played […]

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You Heard It From Me: Expansion Draft Edition

As everyone knows, the Detroit Red Wings, along with every other team in the NHL released its list of protected players ahead of Wednesday’s expansion draft.  The Red Wings list generated a lot of buzz for one reason above others, that Jimmy Howard was the goalie protected instead of Petr […]

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